What are your healthy habits?

We all have habits but are they healthy habits? With child obesity on the rise, it is critical that we are teaching our little ones healthy habits from a young age. Developing these habits from as young as 2 will increase the child’s chance of leading not only a physically healthy life, but also increasing their emotional and mental health.

The Healthy Kids website is a great reference for healthy habits. It provides information and support to teachers, parents, coaches, health professionals and kids about how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their website outlines 5 basic yet effective ways to do this;

  1. Get active each day
  2. Choose water as a drink
  3. Eat more fruit and vegetables
  4. Turn off the TV or computer and get active
  5. Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives

We all know that children can be fussy but there are a few things that may assist in getting your children on board with areas such as eating more fruits and vegetables. The Healthy Kids Association suggests that getting the kids involved in meal preparation and planning can help develop these healthier food choices. For example, the kids can help you wash potatoes, put vegetables in the trays (before they’re hot of course), or, they can help stir sauces!

I’m sure most kids can tell you what is good for them and what is considered to be ‘bad’ for them but do they know why?

Another great way to get the kids on board is by teaching them why each food is good for their bodies. Explaining the correlation between carrots and vision is a great example and something we all remember learning as a kid. Having these conversations and creating this understanding will hopefully set them up to make healthier choices as they get older and move through school.

Courier Mail - Billy Slater at Goodstart Early Learning

To reinforce what Early Learning Centres are already teaching our children, Billy’s Buddies Programs have been designed to incorporate a healthy habit chat every week. Our Buddies often look up to their Coach so it is important that we are constantly role modelling healthy choices.

Over the last month, our healthy habits have included why it is important to drink water, the five food groups, ‘sometimes’ foods and, the importance of staying active.

Alexandra Herrmann