Billy’s Buddies

Intro to Footy Program (2 – 7 yrs)

Billy’s Buddies is a Basic Ball Sports Program inspired by Billy Slater for children aged 2 to 7. The purpose of our Program is to develop children’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, confidence and teamwork abilities in a fun and safe environment!

Our Intro to Footy Program is offered at local parks, schools and partnering local Junior Rugby League Clubs and offers children, who are too young to join a footy team, the opportunity to learn and master the fundamental skills of the game! There are three offerings:

1) Foundation Footy – For the little ones (2 to 4 years) or those that need a little bit more practice.

2) Advanced Footy – For those that have mastered the basic skills and are ready to put them into some drills and activities (4 to 7 years).

Foundation Footy: Typically for 2 to 4-year-olds and includes theme-based games and activities, skill practises and an obstacle course.

Advanced Footy: Typically for 4 to 7-year-olds and includes all of the ‘Foundation’ elements but with an advanced twist! We begin to incorporate team games and the skills of footy into each activity.

NOTE: The age range for each class is purely a recommendation and can be flexible pending your child’s ability and skill level – please register for the class that you think would be best suited to your child.

Duration: Each Session is 40 minutes and we run all year round, only breaking for two weeks over Christmas.

Price: Specific to your region – please visit our FAQs Page.

Prizes: Children each receive a certificate at the end of each Block (typically a School Term).

Registration & Payments: Your registration is an ongoing membership. Given we run all year round, your registration will remain active until you decide to cancel – you can cancel at any time! For more information about registrations and cancellations, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

Our weekly Program is delivered by professionally trained Coaches in line with the prescribed Lesson Plan. Each of our Lesson Plans are carefully created to include the right balance of fun and structure. The key components of the Billy’s Buddies Program include a Weekly Theme, Stretching and Warm-Up activities, three skill-based games, dedicated time to skill practise and a Healthy Habit chat.

The Program is inspired by Billy Slater, to teach children the fundamentals of ball sports in a fun, safe and exciting environment. The Program aims to develop a child’s ability to catch, pass and kick – just like they would in a game of footy. What sets us apart is that we do this in a theme-based environment so it’s the perfect mix between fun and structure! We have two program offerings to suit all children aged between 2 and 7.