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We offer both Parent Paid and Centre Paid Program options and can tailor both to suit your Centre’s needs. 

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What’s it all about?

Billy’s Buddies is a Basic Ball Skills Program inspired by NRL Superstar, Billy Slater to teach children aged 2-7 the fundamentals of ball sports.

Together with exercise sports scientists and early childhood teachers, the Program has been designed to enhance children’s gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, ability to work in a team and their confidence in a fun and safe environment.

What’s involved?

Registered children participate in a Session every week, facilitated by a professionally trained Billy’s Buddies Coach. These Sessions are full of fun, exciting theme-based games and activities balance with just the right amount of structure.

It’s all about fun through subconscious learning! For example, the kids might be having the best time as their favourite super agile Ninja Turtle but they’re also mastering being able to catch the ball while running!

By incorporating different themes into their weekly Sessions, the children are able to identify and connect with the activities through something that is already familiar to their social world.

Role reversal is also something that is practised regularly. By letting the children run a specific activity instead of the Coach, it allows them to communicate not only what they have learnt but also changes the way they get involved.

The kids, Educators and parents absolutely love it!

What do we need?

  • Permission to attend the Centre at a time that suits you each week; and,
  • A little bit of online assistance to let families know we attend (Facebook, Story Park, Kindy Hub etc).
  • That’s it!

Why Billy’s Buddies?

  • We align with the EYLF and NQS;
  • Easy, hassle-free booking process;
  • We supply the Coach and equipment to run the Program for you;
  • The kids absolutely love our unique theme-based learning;
  • Our Directors love it – we run more than 260 Childcare Centre Programs each and every week; and,
  • If you choose the parent paid option, we handle all payments, registrations and administration.

Why a Centre Paid Program?

A Billy’s Buddies Centre Paid Program is a great inclusion to your Kindergarten Program and something extra for families to enjoy. By incorporating a Centre Paid Program, every child is provided with the opportunity to participate.

We have had many Queensland Centres use their Queensland Kindergarten Funding to cover the cost of Billy’s Buddies for their children. To learn more about the funding, please visit the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme website.

Program Duration

We are flexible when it comes to the frequency and duration of a Centre Paid Program. You can book for as little as 4 weeks or as long as a whole year. We’ve had several Centres do both!

  • 30 minutes for up to 12 children; or,
  • 60 minutes for up to 24 children.


The cost of the Program will depend on the number of weeks and the number of children you wish to book for. Please contact us or submit an enquiry form to discuss our discounted rates for a Centre Paid Program.

How do I book? 

Please complete the form and we will be in touch to discuss! We can’t wait to meet you!

Why a Parent Paid Program?

Because it’s super easy and at no cost to the Centre! A Billy’s Buddies Parent Paid Program is a fantastic way of providing sport to those children and families that wish to opt in.

How does it work?

We will always start a Parent Paid Program with a Free Trial to give as many children the opportunity to have a ‘taste’ of Billy’s Buddies. From there, parents who wish for their child to be part of the Program can register online via

Pricing & Booking Duration

The Parent Paid Program is paid weekly via Direct Debit and parents can cancel at any time. More information and pricing can be found via our Terms and Conditions and FAQs.

I want to start a Parent Paid Program, what do I do?

Please complete the form and we will be in touch to discuss a date, day and time for your Free Trial.

What do we need?

  • Permission to attend the Centre at a time that suits you each week; and,
  • A little bit of online assistance to let families know we attend (Facebook, Story Park, Kindy Hub etc).
  • That’s it!

Next Steps

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We can’t wait to meet you!

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