Billy’s Buddies

Childcare Centre Program

Billy’s Buddies is a Basic Ball Sports Program inspired by Billy Slater for children aged 2 to 6. The purpose of our Program is to develop hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, confidence and teamwork abilities in a fun and safe environment!

Our Childcare Centre Program is offered as an extra-curricular activity at our Partner Childcare Centres. This Program perfectly complements your child’s early education curriculum and is the perfect stepping stone in ensuring they are school ready.

  • Inspired by Billy Slater

    The Program which is inspired by Billy Slater, is written by Senior Coaches in conjunction with Exercise Sports Scientists and Early Childhood Educators, to enhance children’s fundamental motor skills, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and social skills in a fun, safe and exciting environment. All whilst meeting all outcomes provided for by the Early Learning Years Framework (EYLF).

  • Perfect for Girls and Boys

    We strive to enhance children’s early learning abilities by complimenting their existing Programs within Centres. Our core goals are as follows:

    • Help children socialise, build confidence, develop a sense of wellbeing and importance;
    • Uncover the true meaning of teamwork;
    • Develop hand-eye co-ordination and gross motor skills;
    • Learn the basics of ball sports in a non-contact setting through kicking, passing, catching and evasion drills and games; and,
    • Ultimately have fun!
  • Our Approach to Program Delivery

    Our weekly Program is delivered by professionally trained Coaches in line with the prescribed Lesson Plan. Each of our Lesson Plans are carefully created to include the right balance of fun and structure. The key components of the Billy’s Buddies Program include a Weekly Theme, Stretching and Warm-Up activities, three skill-based games, dedicated time to skill practise and a Healthy Habit chat.

  • Key Weekly Program Details

    Duration: Each Session is 40 minutes and we run all year round, only breaking for two weeks over Christmas.

    Price: Specific to your region – please visit our FAQs Page.

    Prizes: Children each receive a certificate at the end of each Block (typically a School Term).

    Registration & Payments: Your registration is an ongoing membership. Given we run all year round, your registration will remain active until you decide to cancel – you can cancel at any time! For more information about registrations and cancellations, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

Check out the Childcare Centre Program in action!

  • Are you a Childcare Centre Director or Educator?

    For more information about hosting the Billy’s Buddies Program at your Centre, please visit our Information for Childcare Centre Directors Page here.

    All we need to get started is the following information:

    1. Are you looking to host a Parent Paid or Childcare Centre Paid Program;
    2. Your location, preferred day and time; and,
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