As of 4pm, Saturday July 31 (2021) Billy’s Buddies Sessions in Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Logan, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast will be placed on hold until Sunday August 8, 4pm. For more information regarding the lockdown please refer to


In line with the Federal Government’s COVID-19 social distancing requirements, Billy’s Buddies has developed a number of health, safety and hygiene measures to ensure we are adhering to relevant guidelines. Please make sure you have read and understood all of the below before returning to Sessions. SAFETY AND HYGIENE

  • Children will be asked to wash and/or sanitise their hands prior to the Session.
  • Coaches will have Sanitiser Gel (70%+) on hand and will be sanitising their own hands before and after each Session.
  • Coaches will limit any unnecessary contact (child-to child and child-to-coach) during Sessions such as Hi5s, tagging each other and holding hands. Sadly, this also means we will no longer be conducting our ‘hands in the middle for 1,2,3 Billy’s Buddies!’ at the end of each Session.
  • Our games and activities have been modified to further limit unnecessary contact and in an attempt to maintain an appropriate distance between each child.
  • Coaches will be required to sanitise, with antibacterial spray and/or wipes, all equipment after each Session. All equipment will be cleaned before it will be shared.
  • Parents attending Park Session Programs with their child will be asked to maintain 1.5m distance from the Coach and other families and children.


  • We ask that any child who is unwell, or presenting flu like symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose etc), is kept at home and does not attend their scheduled Billy’s Buddies class. If a child presents to class and appears to be unwell, they will be asked to leave or invited to watch the class from a distance. In the event of a missed class, please remember to reach out so we can arrange a Lesson Credit.
  • If you suspect that a member of your family may be at risk of having COVID-19, we ask that you contact us immediately and do not attend any Billy’s Buddies Sessions until cleared by a medical professional.
  • If a Coach is unwell, they will be asked to stay home until recovered.
  • If a Coach is suspected to have COVID-19 or at risk of contracting the disease, we will contact relevant families immediately. They will be required to self-isolate as per Federal Government laws.
  • Coaches are being encouraged to receive the Flu Vaccination as a preventative measure.
  • We encourage all Staff, Coaches and Parents to download the COVIDSafe App.

We simply ask that you remain vigilant with regards to your health and exercise good judgement and common sense. We must work together to ensure everyone can safely participate in Billy’s Buddies. For more information about the Billy’s Buddies COVID Safe Plan or Billy’s Buddies Programs in your region, contact your Area’s Management Team here. For more information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) please click here.